Roger's Bow Tie (December 17)

One of the Museum’s longest serving volunteers, Roger Butterworth, passed away in November and his funeral took place on Wednesday 22nd November. At the end of the service his family asked attendees if they would consider taking a memento of his life in return for a donation to St Barnabas House, where Roger spent his final days. These mementos were to come from his famous bow tie collection. The Museum team have chosen to accession one of these brilliant bow ties in to the collection in honour of Roger and his work here.


Roger started as a volunteer at the Museum in 2005 after retiring. He would spend the next twelve years helping the team by answering enquiries from the public. Roger lived and worked in Littlehampton as a history teacher, tutoring many residents of Littlehampton who have fond memories of his lessons. Roger was also involved with several community events and projects and was often out and about the town, chatting to others. His experience living in the town for several decades, and his love for history, gave him an excellent knowledge of the town’s past. Subsequently he was able to answer enquiries with some fantastically detailed knowledge, and often paid visits to those with especially interesting queries!

Roger also loved bow ties. An avid collector of some eclectic patterned ties, he also took to collecting other items such as colourful braces. The Museum team hope that this addition to the collection will help Littlehampton to remember such a key member of the community. It is also a brilliant example of how even a small personal item in a collection can help to recreate the fabric of a community in the future.