Documentation Project

The Museum Team is working hard to ensure that the collections it cares for are suitably housed, stored and interpreted for future generations.

There are over 30,000 items in the Museum's collection, many of which are on public display, with the vast majority being cared for behind the scenes. 

Museum Staff are completing a thorough inventory of everything in the collection, recording object locations, marking and labelling them correctly, re-housing if necessary, and adding them to the Museum's MODES database.

Much of this work will take place in the Museum's Butterworth Gallery from January 2019, which has been repurposed to house a public workspace for the Staff & Volunteer Team. We welcome our visitors to view our ongoing work, and to engage with staff directly to understand our processes.

By creating a complete inventory of the collection the Museum Team will be better able to locate objects immediately, assess their condition, and select new items for public display.

Audience engagement is a key part of our work, and as work progresses we will proactively share our work with the community, both in the Museum galleries, on the website and our social media platforms. 

If you are interested in helping us with our work, please see our Volunteering page.