Hawkes & Son Bugle

Tuesday 05 June - Thursday 30 August

Originally used as a signalling instrument loud enough to cut through the noise of battle, the military bugle announced events and gave orders, although its use is now largely ceremonial. Best known as the instrument that sounds 'The Last Post', the bugle call that features at military funerals and other ceremonies honouring those who have died in battle. 

The body of this bugle is a plain tube with an expanding conical bore, and it is played with a cup-shaped mouthpiece. The British regimental B-flat bugle, with the tube wound twice and a narrow bell, was standardised in 1858. The example by Hawkes & Son of London was made in 1914, and may have been used in World War 1.

As part of the Museum's 1918-2018 commemorative programme, this is on  loan from the Horniman Museum & Gardens in London, as part of their 'Object in Focus' scheme.