Archive Art

6th December 2021 - 26th February 2022

Hearne Gallery - Littlehampton Museum

Littlehampton Museum is proud to present the final exhibition of the year ‘Archive Art’. The display, now on in the Hearne Gallery, showcases artwork from the Museum’s collection which is normally hidden away in the archives.


Littlehampton Museum looks after over 600 pieces of art, ranging from large scale oil paintings to small pen and ink sketches.  The majority of pieces have a strong Littlehampton connection, for example depictions of local scenes or sketches relating to local events. However some of the collection, mainly pieces donated to the Museum during its early years, is a little more unusual, with subjects including the funeral procession of Queen Elizabeth I and prints of ancient Egyptian imagery.


This exhibition celebrates the whole collection by showcasing just some of these pieces from the archive which are not normally on view to the public.


Archive Art image 5
Archive Art 6
Archive Art image 4
Archive Art image 3