Small Displays

Throughout the year, Littlehampton Museum creates a number of mini exhibitions and displays on various subjects found within the archives. This page features a list of those currently available.

Highlights Case - Archaeology Gallery

Treasures from the Ground: A display of some of the fantastic finds discovered in the local area by metal detectorists.

The Beach Hotel: A mini look at the history of the Beach Hotel, which stood, in various forms, on Littlehampton's Beach Green from the 1700s until the 1980s.


Temporary Display Case - Butterworth Gallery entrance

Welcome to the 20s: As we enter the 2020s we take a little look back at Littlehampton in the 1920s.


Butterworth Gallery - 

Butterworth Butterflies: Come and take a look at our fabulous entomology collection and see some specially commissioned original artwork by local artist, Richard Kemp. 

High Street
Beach Hotel
Richard Kemp