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Finds Sessions

Littlehampton Museum hosts regular Finds Sessions, where visitors can bring in archaeological objects to be identified. 

The Finds Sessions are linked to the Portable Antiquities Scheme and are run by the Finds Liaison Officer (FLO) for Sussex. 

Please keep an eye on this page for the next finds session date!

Appointments with the Finds Liaison Officer (FLO) must be booked in advance by contacting the FLO on You will be given an appointment time by the FLO.

Finds Sessions will take place in the Fleming Room within the Manor House, which is accessed via a separate entrance rather than the usual Museum entrance. As you face the Main Entrance of the Museum the Fleming Room entrance is to your left along the path and past the bell. On the day the door will have a sign on indicating that finds sessions are taking place. Please knock on the door at the time of your appointment and wait to be let in. 


If you have any questions please contact the FLO directly on  email 

The FLO will also be able to offer advice on a whole range of issues surrounding metal detecting and the discovery of archaeological material

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