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Throughout the year, Littlehampton Museum creates a number of mini exhibitions and displays on various subjects found within the archives.


This page features a list of those currently available.


Museum Reception:


50 Years of Littlehampton Town Council

We say Happy Birthday to Littlehampton Town Council with this mini display taking a look at some old and new faces, and looking back at life in 1974.


50 Years of LTC case


The Butterworth Gallery:




Now housed in our Butterworth Gallery, this exhibition tells the true story behind the Wicked Little Letters film. The falling out of two friends living in Western Road in Littlehampton in the 1920s led to a fascinating and bizarre series of events including libelous letters, false accusations and prison sentences...

Curated by Gill, one of the Museum volunteers.


Highlights Case - Archaeology Gallery:


Treasures from the Ground.

A display of some of the fantastic finds discovered in the local area by metal detectorists, including a rare Anglo Saxon hanging bowl mount and a gold Roman child's ring.


The Butterworth Gallery, Case 22


200 Years of the RNLI Littlehampton

To celebrate the 200 year birthday of the Royal National Lifeboats Institution, we have put together a display exploring the history of  Littlehampton's lifeboats. 


RNLI display







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