Small Displays

Throughout the year, Littlehampton Museum creates a number of mini exhibitions and displays on various subjects found within the archives. This page features a list of those currently available.

Highlights Case - Archaeology Gallery

Treasures from the Ground: A display of some of the fantastic finds discovered in the local area by metal detectorists.

The Beach Hotel: A mini look at the history of the Beach Hotel, which stood, in various forms, on Littlehampton's Beach Green from the 1700s until the 1980s.


Temporary Display Case - Butterworth Gallery entrance

Littlehampton Tennis: Explore the history of Tennis in Littlehampton. A small display of original artefacts loaned to the Museum by the Howard Lawn Tennis Club which is celebrating its 110 year anniversary in 2021. On display until the 31st July.


Butterworth Gallery - 

Benham Bequest - a small display of items which have recently been donated to the Museum by the family of local man Eric Benham. Eric ran collectors corner for many years and was an avid collector of Littlehampton ephemera including an extensive postcard collection

High Street
Beach Hotel
Richard Kemp