Social History

Social history is generally defined as the history of structures (physical and societal) and ordinary people's everyday lives, as well as the relationship between the two! Naturally a large proportion of our collection falls under this category and we have objects ranging from buttons, to builders' merchants receipts! In this collection we have highlighted a few of our favourite objects that tell the story of Littlehampton.

a snap case containing 11 rows of 5 beads forming a portable abacus
a pink and beige bank note with red text serial number, the note is for 2 lire, the currency of Italy in 1943
a crystal radio set with earphones and wires visible
a red die cast matchbox combine harvester, the operative is missing and the paint is slightly chipped
Lesney Matchbox Series
metal plaque with embossed sun and number 352746
1775 - 1803
box containing juneero construction kit