Art Collection

Littlehampton Museum has a stunning collection of artworks painted by both local and visiting artists. The collection focuses on images of Littlehampton and the surrounding area. Several of the Museum’s most important paintings can be seen on display within the Museum but many more are kept in store and used regularly for temporary exhibitions. More information about the Littlehampton Museum art collection can be found on the website

One of the Museum's larger paintings shows passengers boarding the Worthing Belle, which is a cross Channel ferry steamer, at the steps next to the Nelson pub. The scene dates from the 1880s but was painted in 1966 by L. A. Wilcox. This was the only ferry service in Littlehampton and ran from 1863 to 1884. The ferry service operated between Littlehampton and Honfleur in France.

Another important painting is of Littlehampton Esplanade by A. Plant. This painting dates from 1854 and shows the seafront in Littlehampton. This gives an interesting insight into how the town used to look, as well as highlighting features which no longer exist, such as the Beach Hotel. You can explore more of the Museum’s art collection by scrolling through the photographs below.

Maurice Randall
virtual tour
unknown artist
unknown date
George W Baldry
img 4
Maurice Randall
Old Bright the postman
George Smart
The arundel watermill
George Constable
fishermen beside a river mouth
Sydney Pike
honfleur steamer
Littlehampton Esplanade
worthing bell
Leslie Arthur Wilcox